Vegan Hollandaise

Just thought this worthy of a repost since asparagus is ripe and ready for harvesting throughout most of the U.S. And because there’s nothing better than hollandaise sauce on asparagus, especially when it’s vegan hollandaise sauce 🙂 Give it a try. You can thank me later.


When I first learned how to make a hollandaise sauce, it was like the heavens had opened up and sunrays illuminated my very existence—insert harp music and singing angels. Yes, it was that dramatic, and that glorious of a moment. Traditional hollandaise is a mindblowing (like seemingly impossible) concoction made with egg yolks and butter. The smoothness of the sauce comes when the two miraculously emulsify and form a creamy texture akin to frosting. Again, yes, it’s that amazing. Anyhoo, now that I don’t eat dairy (caveat except for the occasional hunk of French cheese cause I’m a weakling) clearly, I don’t eat hollandaise. And in all honesty, the thought of slathering my food with something made from egg yolks and butter kinda scares me. I mean right?

Alas, I’ve found a way to make a vegan hollandaise, heavy on the lemon, and sans all the guilt. And it is…

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